Wedding Looks For The Mature Bride

Posted on: December 10th, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Let’s face it…as women get older their hair gets shorter—for the most part. Not a problem given the trend these days is to “shed the length.” (Shout out to our other recent blog post…check it out!) However, when it comes time for those mature brides to seek out appropriate wedding hair and makeup looks for women with short hair, all that’s out there are styles fit for a much younger age range. I mean, can you picture your mom or grandma walking down the aisle with beach waves and a flower crown? Definitely not. It’s about time there was somewhere older bridal wedding hair and makeup styles could be featured. Don’t worry, we got your back. Coming up are some of our favorite wedding hair and makeup looks perfect for brides with a little more life experience.

First up is shoulder length wedding hairstyles. I love this length personally because it doesn’t matter what your natural hair type is…any bride can pull it off! It’s common for older brides to stick with simpler, more reserved wedding hairstyles. Therefore, with this length all that’s needed is a cute wedding hair accessory to fasten your hair back or just leave it all down. It’s always nice to pair natural wedding hair with a natural wedding makeup. Try using a neutral palette for your wedding eye makeup and something glossy for your lip. You’ll look wonderful!

Next is middle-of-the-neck length bridal hair ideas. With this length, a sleek and smooth bob style haircut is always classy and cute. You can definitely add some character to this simpler wedding hairstyle by dressing it up with fun dangling earrings…especially in a color that will contrast against your hair color. Pairing this more refined hairstyle with a dramatic wedding eye makeup is recommended and completes this gorgeous look.

Lastly there is shorter pixie cut wedding hairstyles. This haircut also looks very sleek and classic and creates a beautifully elegant wedding hairstyle. Once again, pairing this hairstyle with some fun earrings adds drama to this wedding look. As far as makeup goes. this is the perfect length to play with lipstick colors! Choose something that will stand out, like a burgundy color for the holidays.

As a rule of thumb, less is always more. There’s no use hiding the fact that you’re an older bride so you better just embrace it! Does that mean you can’t modify styles for younger brides and make them appropriate for a mature lady? Of course not! That’s like saying it would be okay for me to wear pigtail braids and cut my own bangs again. (No one wants to see that.) Don’t forget that there are some solid advantages to marrying later in life. Like financial security. At 25 did you have a substantial amount of money in the bank? Probably not. All in all, marriage is beautiful at any age so choose something that you think reflects you and enjoy your special day!