Wedding Hairstyle Matches Made in Heaven

Posted on: March 19th, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Since you’ve already worked so hard to find the most important match—you and your hubby of course—we’ll help you out with the second most important one: finding the perfect pair of wedding hairstyles for yourself and your bridesmaids. While you could just pick any two and call it a day, you’d be neglecting the very special techniques of hair science. What’s hair science you ask? Well, it’s the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of…hair. How can you learn these oh so special techniques of hair science you ask? You’re in luck (it must be left over from St. Paddy’s Day) because Lulu & Bass is offering a Hair Science 101 course right now! Don’t worry, you’ll probably get an A.

1. Opposites Attract

Now, we’re not talking about positives and negatives here. However, this theory could lead to two completely different wedding looks: either the bride’s wedding hair is down and the bridesmaid’s wedding hair is up or vice versa. Either way, this is a great way to really make the bride stand out. Mix and matching wedding hairstyles like this can work with pretty much any overall wedding style, whether it is bohemian, classy, vintage, or just natural curls. However, you want to make sure that you’re still keeping some hint of uniformity between them all. For example, if your wedding style is more boho, try and incorporate a braid into the bride’s hairstyle and the bridesmaid’s hairstyle, or even have every girl wear a similar flower crown.

2. Stayin’ the Same

Another way to maintain a level of similarity between your bridal party’s wedding hairstyles is to choose the same wedding look, or variation of the same look, for each girl. For example, have everyone’s wedding hair up or everyone’s wedding hair down. However, choosing to style all of the bridal party’s hair similarly doesn’t in any way take away from the bride’s ability to stand out. If anything, this is a chance for the bride to show some personality by adding an eccentric hair accessory or extravagant wedding veil. If you choose to leave everyone’s wedding hair down, style loose curls for everyone but pin the bridesmaid’s hair half up so the bride’s hair stands out.

Choosing wedding hairstyles that work with the dresses you and your bridal party are wearing are just as important as selecting ones that go together. If your bridesmaid’s dresses have straps or sleeves, choose a hairstyle that brings their hair up. However, if your dress is strapless, it may look nicer to leave your hair down. With that being said, you’ll never know what wedding hairstyle you actually want to choose until you try it out! Set a few trials for you and your girls well before your wedding date so you have some time to fix things if something doesn’t work out. (Also, no spur of the moment haircuts. We do not want you to deal with choppy bangs or uneven layers for your big day. Huge no-no).

See, this wasn’t so hard. A+ for you, my beautiful bride, and may this help you find your (second) match made in heaven!