Wedding curls through three generations

Posted on: August 10th, 2017 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

If you are a bride lucky enough to have three generations of your family’s women there on your big wedding day, you have got to make sure all of your wedding curls are on point. Now this includes you/the bride, your mother, and your grandmother…and we are here to ensure the girls’ wedding curls will look fantastic. Especially as us women get older, it can be difficult to find new and flattering hairstyles so we are hoping to take the stress out of finding an age-appropriate wedding hairstyle for your mother and/or grandmother. These following options will be featuring wedding hairstyles with curls (either natural or with the help of an iron) but do keep in mind that there are obviously tons of other beautiful wedding looks with straight hair as well. Without further ado, here are several wedding hairstyles that show the progression of wedding curls through three generations.


For you, the bride, we have selected two curled wedding hairstyles that are from pretty different wedding styles. The first is a bohemian wedding style—the bride has left her curls to fall loosely and naturally to create an effortless, easy wedding hairstyle. The second is more classic—this bride has the Hollywood Glam wedding style down to a T. These soft curls are finished off perfectly with a bedazzled wedding hair accessory and a bright red lip to really give off that glam vibe. While these are two styles we love, there are also plenty of other types of curls and wedding hairstyles that utilize curls so do not feel restricted!


Next up, the lovely mother of the bride! We are highlighting two basic options here…all down and all up. As hair gets shorter, we like to use curls to add volume where it may be decreasing. In the first wedding hairstyle, the curls add height and size to the wedding updo that really is needed to make the look work. The curls help the second mother of the bride look more


dressed up and formal…which might be necessary for her daughter’s wedding day! Both are great options to make your mother look amazing on your big day.

Wedding curls through three generations.

Last but oh definitely not the least is the woman who started it all…the grandmother of the bride. It is not often that grandmas get out to have their hair styled (not my grandmother at least) so this is a moment to make her feel beautiful and pampered! The first wedding look requires a bit more hair than the average short-haired grandma so use it appropriately. We love the refined, polish look this low chignon wedding hairstyle has and think it is perfect for a respectable grandma. This second look can be done with as much or as little hair as available…simply twist and secure at the back of her head. Curling the ends help to dress up and finish off this wonderful wedding hairstyle for the grandmother of the bride.


There ya have it! Please please take these looks to your wedding stylists and try some of them out on yourself and the important ladies in your family. Enjoy!