Wedding Braids

Posted on: April 15th, 2014 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Now that spring has arrived, even though the weather may not always be ideal, your hair can be with the spring/summer 2014 trend of braids! The variety of styles of braids have been hot for the past couple years, and the hair trend shows no sign of slowing down. Braids are versatile, conceal grey hair, keep you cool on warm days, are resistant to humidity and heat (perfect for beach or concert days!), and compliment the cutest of summer dresses. They offer the same convenience of a pony-tail, but are way cuter for all your photo-ops!

One of the more popular braids for spring and summer 2014:


STEP ONE: Dampen the ends of the hair with your favorite gel or paste

STEP TWO: Create a two-strand braid, crisscrossing strands loosely

STEP THREE: Secure the hair, tucking ends into a clear elastic band

STEP FOUR: Stylist tip: For that “live-in” look, dust dry shampoo all over, ‘roughing’ into the scalp

The fishtail braid is an effortless way to dress up their spring/summer look and is worry free of summer weather!

Another great braid is going to be the WATERFALL BRAID, which can be done with your all up or just partially up.

STEP ONE: Brush your hair out to make sure it’s all straight and tangle free

STEP TWO: Part your hair down the middle

STEP THREE: Section off the top third of your hair. Begin sectioning from your forehead and part

STEP FOUR: Take the first section and divide it into three parts

STEP FIVE: Braid the hair toward the back of your head in a French braid style. After the first pass, begin working outside pieces of hair into your braid so that you’re essentially French braiding your hair

STEP SIX: Create that “waterfall” look. When you’ve reached the last part of the first braid section, drop the last strand of hair. This will make it look like the hair is cascading from the braid

STEP SEVEN: Pick up a new strand of hair located next to the strand you’ve dropped to replace that strand. Continue the waterfall look by picking the next section of hair located beside the hair section you dropped and continue braiding.

Continue braiding by cascading the braid toward the middle of the head. Repeat the initial step by continuing the braid and then dropping the last section of hair, but then picking up a section next to the dropped hair section.

STEP EIGHT: Secure the braid with bobby pins if needed. Keep bobby pins on hand to provide additional support or to keep errant hair in place

STEP NINE: Braid the remaining “tail” until you run out of hair. Complete the look a few ways by either finishing the tail in a normal braid or in a fishtail look.

Fishtailing is essentially braiding your hair in a “backwards” fashion (instead of wrapping hair over itself you go underneath).

And as a final tip for how braiding your hair can work FOR you this summer… if you won’t have time between beaching it to going out on a summer’s night, just braid your hair during the day, while it’s still damp, and when you take it down that night, run your favorite anti-frizzing product through it to give you a perfect beachy-waves look for your night out!