Unveil Your Bridal Style

Posted on: January 20th, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish legitimate wedding traditions from made-up social formalities. Like tying tin cans to the back of your getaway car—no, you don’t have to do that (it does make for an adorable picture but, nonetheless, you’re welcome). A lasting bridal tradition that we’ll unveil as the real deal is, I’m sure you guessed it, the bridal veil! Way back when, however, it was not just worn as a fashion statement. It was specifically a way to encourage arranged marriages and make sure the groom didn’t bail when he saw his less-than-attractive soon-to-be wife walking down the aisle—jerk! But, now that we are free to fall in love with the man of our dreams (and he approves of our beauty before the big day) the veil now functions as an addition to current bridal styles. At most, it acts as a mask, playfully teasing the groom and keeping him from fully seeing his bride until their big “I Do” moment.

Bridal designers have given modern brides a multitude of veil styles to choose from—long or short, layers or no layers, lace trim or not. With all of these choices, it can be hard to put two and two together to create the perfect pair. Your must-have bridal hairstyle and veil should act as a dynamic duo, one complimenting the other and vice versa.  Check out these cute couplings and see which one fits with your ideal wedding style!

1. A low bun with a soft, gathered tulle veil

One of my favorite classic bridal looks is combining a clean, low bun with a gathered tulle veil (maybe with a small bow on top!). The veil would start either right at the top of the bun and flow over or can be attached at the bottom of the bun, close to the nape of the neck. This look is so chic and would look great with a ball gown style dress, if you ask me. This bridal hairstyle can create a glamorous, princess-ey vibe perfect for a black-tie, church wedding.

2. Flowing curls and a single-layered tulle veil

Think Lauren Conrad’s style for her wedding (check out our other blog to read more about it!). This veil is long and flowing, which matches well with a loosely curled bridal hairstyle. By choosing a veil that isn’t layered, it gives the bridal look a softer, more ethereal feel. Especially if you add some type of simple crown/headband to the bridal hairstyle! Attaching the veil approximately half way back from your hairline to the back of your head allows it to fall over your shoulders and complete this girly bridal look.

3. A half-up, half-down hairstyle and a long, layered veil

This look can work with any bridal hairstyle really—straight, curled, waved. Pulling half of your hair back opens up your face and is ideal if you have shorter layers or bangs that you want to get out of the way. Choosing to pair this wedding hairstyle with a layered veil creates a very dramatic bridal look that is sure to stun your hubby as you walk down the aisle.

While there are tons of veil styles and lengths, not to mention endless bridal hairstyles, it is easy to get overwhelmed when choosing what looks good with what. These style pairs that I mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg, but just keep looking and you’ll surely ‘unveil’ the bridal look that is meant for you!