The Price of Beauty

Posted on: January 6th, 2017 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Fact: the average American couple weds for approximately $25,000. That could be the down payment on the first home we buy together or a new kid-friendly minivan to shuttle our future young ones to and from soccer practice! But no—instead we create this one magical, grand gesture of love and devotion full of exquisite cakes, gorgeous gowns, and plenty of guests. Yes, it is pricey, but c’mon grooms, to see your beautiful bride walk down the aisle is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Unfortunately, in order for her to be the stunning Mrs. Groom walking towards the altar, there are a lot of underestimated costs that go into it. There’s the first, and most obvious one, the dress. Then comes the hair—updo or half up, half down, or maybe a flowing cascade of curls. However, the one cost that most brides miscalculate is their wedding makeup. Even just analyzing regions along the west coast, there’s tons of variability in salon’s pricing, and as a bride, you really have to balance price and quality.


If you are getting married in San Francisco, be ready to attribute a larger percentage of your wedding budget to the makeup trial and wedding day makeup for you and your bridesmaids. To book an appointment for a wedding makeup trial, the average bay area cost is around $200. For bridal wedding day makeup, the typical price is between $350-$450. Bridesmaids’ wedding day makeup is a little less, falling around $200.


Head south along the sunny California coast and you’ll reach LA, whose wedding makeup prices are refreshing when compared to the Golden Gate city. While less than San Francisco, the costs in Los Angeles will still make up about half of your allotted wedding day attire budget. For bridal trial makeup, agencies and salons charge around $100-$150 for 2 hours of service. On the big day, that is bumped up to $200 for bridal makeup. Bridesmaids’ wedding makeup has a larger range, however, going from $85-$150. This inconsistency in pricing is probably due to travel; some salons will charge extra if they have to come to your venue to style you and your bridesmaids on your wedding day.


San Diego has the lowest wedding makeup costs when compared to San Francisco or Los Angeles. Unfortunately, because the pricing is lower, some salons will tack on additional charges, such as false lashes. The average wedding makeup trial is steady at $65, with $10 extra for false lashes. Wedding day makeup for the bride is around $100 but with extra charges for lashes and other types of makeup styles, such as traditional v. airbrush techniques. Bridesmaids’ wedding makeup, depending on the difficulty level, ranges from $35-$65, not including the additional costs of other makeup accessories.
Lulu & Bass has acquired the ideal balance of cost and quality in the San Diego area. While prices are on the high end of the average, there are no additional charges; you pay one amount and everything is included, which makes them pretty equal to other standard salon wedding makeup costs. With impeccable service, $85 for a trial and $150 for wedding day bridal makeup, they are very competitive among other wedding hair and makeup agencies. Sometimes, paying a little more will help ensure you have the perfect makeup look on your wedding day, and that’s the price of beauty.