The Kardashian Beauty Kollection

Posted on: January 15th, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Lulu & Bass loves KUWTK—we can’t get enough of the Kim K drama, flashy Range Rovers, and Mason’s adorable little baby face. But for years now we’ve been wondering how they maintain those famously long, thick Kardashian manes—not to mention the Kardashian booty. With seemingly never a bad hair day to be had in that family, we were dying to know how! During the last months of 2014, the heavens had answered our prayers. Behold…the Kardashian Beauty Hair Care Line! These sisters have partnered with Farouk Systems to create their own three styling tools: a flat iron, blow dryer, and a three-in-one curling tool. To complete the kollection, they created 7 styling products: a blow-dry cream, volumizing mousse, dry shampoo, dry conditioner, hair spray, curl defining cream, and black seed dry oil. It was very important for them to provide luxury products at an affordable price because they wanted their entire fan base to experience hair care like a Kardashian! We thought…perfect for our San Diego brides.

These sisters swear by their products…Kim K even used the hair care line to style her wedding hairstyle, which was beautifully elegant. Here is a 4-day guide explaining what products to use together and when during your hair care cycle would be best to use them. We also gave some tips on when would be the best time to do various wedding hairstyles.

Day 1: You’ve washed your hair and gently dried it with your towel…now what?

You’re going to start the cycle off with a clean blowout. Apply your blow-dry cream and volumizing mousse if you feel like you want some extra va-va-voom today. Then, blow dry your hair with a round brush and vuola, you’ve got a clean blowout. You can style your hair any way you want today but I prefer keeping it down and letting it go free. With clean hair, you’re unstoppable! This style would work well when preparing a wedding hairstyle that requires volume.

Day 2: Your hair is still clean but your roots miiiiight be a little oily…help!

Have no fear dry shampoo is here! Most ladies can go without washing their hair every day but dry shampoo really helps to put texture back in your hair and make your roots look less shiny. Styling today is still up to your discretion but I recommend doing a half up, half down hairstyle to get your hair away from your face and keep it from getting oilier. As far as wedding hairstyling goes, day 2 is perfect for beachy waves, curls, or a half-up, half-down style.

Day 3: Where did your volume go?…uh oh

Now it is time to get sleek and straight. Your ends might be getting a little dry by this time so the Kardashian’s dry conditioner product is very helpful. It adds life back into your ends and takes away the dry, stiffness that dirty hair tends to get. Using a flat iron, straighten your hair in sections. It is better to style straight hair later in your cycle because the extra hair oils help weigh down your hair and keep it from frizzing up. Choosing this as your wedding hairstyle would work best with fall or winter weddings because since there is less moisture in the air, the lack of humidity wouldn’t exacerbate the current oil levels in your hair, making it look worse.

Day 4: Last but not least…it is almost time to shower

The last day in your cycle is very easy and requires low maintenance or style effort. Apply a few drops of the black seed dry oil to the middle and ends of your hair and choose either a slick ponytail or bridal updo. While sometimes (who’s kidding…most of the time) ponytails and updo’s scream dirty hair, the black seed dry oil is made from super-absorbent ingredients that won’t add heaviness to your everyday or wedding hair and can actually make it look less greasy. Oil that takes away the grease?! Sign me up.

While we’ve seen celebrity after celebrity offer their own hair care line, the two unique products that I really recommend trying when styling your wedding hair are the dry conditioner and the black seed dry oil. Dry shampoo is fairly easy to come by but dry conditioner isn’t as much. The black seed dry oil is intriguing because ‘dry’ and ‘oil’ are usually not in the same sentence but it is worth a shot! Now that we’ve got their hair secrets, let’s rock some bridal hair.