The Dapper Groom

Posted on: April 7th, 2014 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Men  have such a different style compared to Women. Well duh, they are completely different species. So when thinking about what to choose between boutonniere, bow ties, pocket silks, ties, or cufflinks I thought it would be a better idea if I just gave you the low down on how to wear them well.

Sometimes matching is important especially for special occasions. One trend that I have recently found is to have more fun with the color and shape. Pocket squares can add so much to a simple outfit and sometimes a pop of color can do just the trick. When playing with the shape try something geometric or more movement.

Bow ties have recently had a come back as a trend; even celebrities have been spotted wearing them. There are so many shapes, colors, and prints for them it can get really hard to choose. If you are wearing a really elaborate boutonniere do not get a wide or big bow tie it can look like a lot is going on and it just gets really overwhelming. Less is always more. And just like the pocket squares color can really make a look.

Boutonnieres are really fun and can be really creative. Just be mindful of the size. You don’t want it to be overpowering that it just takes away from your face. Play it with proportion to your body type as well. Don’t wear a really big boutonniere if you are only four feet tall it will just look really silly. But always keep in mind to just have fun with it.

Cufflinks are really unique and tell a lot about a man. Some cufflinks are custom and other can be really creative. For weddings cufflinks are the perfect accessory to wear. Cufflinks make a man look put together and very well dressed, he means business. When wearing cufflinks there are certain occasions that you should and shouldn’t wear them. Social events like weddings are the perfect place to display those amazing engraved cufflinks but out to a bar or club, it would be better to just leave them at home. When wearing them out to a club or bar it just looks like you are trying to hard. Cufflinks are suppose to showoff your personality sometimes they can just look very overwhelming and overpowering.

Ties. There are so many different types of ties out there in the world of men’s fashion, it can get to be too much at times. Whenever choosing a tie there are certain things to keep in mind. Ties can be a statement piece, I mean come on, it’s a piece of fabric around your neck, it’s the first thing people see. A tie can be really fun. Just make sure when wearing a tie it is the right length not too small not too big just right. You want to look like you are wearing the tie not the tie wearing you. It can just look a bit ridiculous. Do play with the width; it can really make a look. Just make sure it doesn’t look like it’s a string wrapped around your neck. The fabric and texture of your tie can also be something you want to play with as well. You might want a regular black tie but try it in wool or cotton there are so many different textures and fabrics out there that it can make your tie really pop out.