Summer Wedding Hairstyles To Help You Meet The Heat

Posted on: August 10th, 2017 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

We know that as the weather continues to get warmer, it feels about 10 degrees hotter when there is even a strand of hair touching the back of our neck (which seemed to happen almost every day this past week…). Do not get us wrong—we LOVE summer and bonuses of summer weddings but we know it can be a challenge to not only look “cool” but also feel cool on your wedding day. Cool as in not overheating while saying your vows. Here to the rescue is our rockstar team of Lulu & Bass wedding hairstylists who were super helpful and shared 4 wedding hairstyles with us that will save you a wedding day full of constant self-fanning.

First up is the ye olde bun. Since there are so many variations of this wedding hairstyle we are going to split this style into two sections: top knot and low chignon. Let’s start with the wedding top knot! On any ordinary day, this is the ultimate “it is hot out and I can’t bear to have another strand of hair stick to my neck” look. On your wedding day, it doesn’t really mean anything different when being used as a summer wedding hairstyle. Fret not, B is for bun not boring. Brides and their hairstylists have come up with so many ways to add detail and personalize this wedding hairstyle so it will be sure to reflect you and your wedding style all while keeping you cool, calm, and collected *insert thumbs up*.

Depending on your wedding style, a low chignon bun might work better as a wedding hairstyle for you. Aside from the fact that it sits at the base of your neck instead of the crown of your head, this look holds most of the same attributes as a top knot wedding bun. This means it can fit your wedding style, reflect your personal touches, AND (most importantly) keep you feeling cool.

As we progress through this list of heat-wave approved summer wedding hairstyles, the bride choosing them gets increasingly more brave. This next look is a stylish wedding ponytail, which means the bride dares to have a strand of hair stick to the back of her neck. If this is not a tipping point for you, read on! We love how a simple ponytail can be glammed up to fit the standards of a wedding hairstyle. The one preference we have for wedding ponytails is that they have some volume, whether around the crown of your head or in the base of your ponytail. Our point being that there is nothing scarier than seeing a photo of yourself (while wearing a ponytail) where your hair is nowhere to be found. We don’t think you’re wanting to look like a bowling ball on your wedding day. Just lookin out!

Lastly, if you are absolutely set on having a summer wedding AND having your hair down, here is an option for your neck to get a slight breeze while still leaving the bulk of your hair down. This slightly pulled back wedding hairstyle is not only functional but also gives you the opportunity to select a really cool wedding hair accessory in the process!
There ya have it. 4 ways to assume the sunshine (but not the sweat) on your wedding day. As always, schedule a beauty trial trial TRIAL to make sure your wedding hairstylist can create the look you’re going for