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Lulu & Bass is excited to work with Studio Carré Photographie!

Thinking of giving your soon to be groom a stunning gift for the wedding? Have you ever thought about doing a tasteful, sexy wedding boudoir photo shoot? Curious about where to do a session? Have questions about what to do before a boudoir photo shoot? Well, owner and founder of Studio Carré, Shannon Henry is here to talk about her love of women empowerment and how she feels “each client is unique and beautiful in their own way.” Here at Lulu & Bass, we are excited to pair up and be a part of wedding boudoir photo shoots. We feel our style and products will reflect the perfect feeling of beautiful and sultry for any bride to be!

Looking at Studio Carré’s website, you’ll find an arrangement of photos from boudoirs, intimates, and glamour photography. Each type of session is created for the individual and leaves a lasting impression on the experience. Many clients have left testimonials about how wonderful Shannon and her staff were and how much their husbands loved the surprise present. Shannon has developed a respectable reputation in Southern California with an all female staff that is supported by publications in Exquisite Weddings Magazine, Ceremony Magazine, San Diego Magazine and Philosophie Boudoir Magazine.

One of the great options that Shannon offers is bridal boudoir. Brides to be can select an array of boudoir photos from noir, between the sheets, modern pin up and even studio glam to impress their fiancées. For each photo shoot, Shannon recommends using a professional wedding hair and make up artist (hint hint, Lulu & Bass!) to give that old Hollywood glam or new age sexy look. Some ideas for a bridal boudoir photo shoot we can recommend would be soft, sexy curls, a smoky eye and long fake eyelashes. These three accessories are guaranteed to give you the perfect combination of sugar and spice to present to your fiancée on your wedding day.

Another option for a boudoir photo shoot is an intimates session. These pictures are taken in the bedroom showing a more sensual side for the bride to be in her lingerie for the wedding day. We think a more whimsical and soft bridal hairstyle, such as half up and half down, and a more sweet makeup with a red or pink lipstick will compliment the intimate lingerie you’ll be wearing since after all, you’ll be in white! At the end of each session, Shannon compiles the photos and presents you with an album, which is a collection of the best features of you. Wondering how to use these amazing photos that Shannon took? Well, the erotic and yet, sophisticated boudoir photos can be used in your dressing room, bathroom or master bedroom for you and your partner’s eyes only. Also, an album to display in your bedroom or hubby’s man cave can remind him just how beautiful you are day after day.

If you have any questions or concerns about doing a bridal boudoir session, please ask the professionals at Studio Carré. Here is their website where you can find all of their services and products: .

Q & A with Shannon Henry – Owner of Studio Carre Photographie

Can you tell us about your start with Studio Carre?

Studio Carre Photographie (actually a family name) got it’s official start in 2008…


What inspired you to do boudoir photo sessions?

I love fashion photography and incorporate it in almost all of my work. I saw the boudoir trend starting in 2006-2007 and just knew it would be a subject I would want to shoot. I love making women feel different and better about themselves, and empowered… and it was the perfect fit to do this!


Most people are nervous or hesitant to go towards a boudoir photo shoot…What do you say to them to better understand that type of photography?

I agree with them that it’s a sensitive shoot, but that it can truly transform their lives. I can’t tell you how many people have written notes to me after saying that they are forever changed! I love hearing this!


What is your favorite setting for boudoir?

Almost any setting is perfect for boudoir. Each shoot to me is a blank canvas and I walk in with a fresh creative perspective so that each shoot is unique…and the client’s images are unique.


San Diego has lots of gorgeous backdrops, what is your “go to” spot for sexy and intimate photos?


There’s just so many to choose from! I really stylize the shoot around the client and what they’re looking for, so it’s always different. There’s lots of amazing hotels in San Diego that offer a romantic, masculine, modern, or classic look. Even a client’s home can be transformed into a perfect backdrop!


What can you tell us about bridal boudoir?

This is THE perfect wedding gift!! I have a lot of brides do this as a gift…either to present on the wedding day or on the honeymoon. I’ve heard from many grooms the excitement they felt knowing their bride-to-be did something personally for them…for his eyes only.


Are there any tips for women who want to do a boudoir session or day of advice?

When looking for the perfect boudoir photographer, make sure you trust them and feel comfortable. For my clients, I tell them to arrive with an expectation of having fun, being pampered and glammed up…along with basics like a clean face and hair and possibly a bottle of champagne to celebrate!