Spring and Summer Wedding Makeup Tips

Posted on: April 29th, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Everyone loves a Spring and Summer wedding. The skies are blue, the clouds are perfectly white and puffy and everyone seems happy. What they don’t love is sitting in the sweating sun for an hour and the lack of an open bar but let’s not forget about the bride; she’s had her hair styled, her makeup is picture-perfect and she is strutting the most gorgeous dress but, does anyone seem to notice that her makeup is starting to have a meltdown? Lulu and Bass wants to share our most coveted secrets to holding your “cool” at a Spring or Summer wedding.

Our first secret is that the bride should be the last one to get her makeup done. Our professional stylists have had years of experience and have found this is a MUST. Have everyone else in the bridal party go first, probably starting with the cute little flower girls and finishing up with the mother-to-be and mother of the bride before the bride. This also creates for an intimate photo opportunity for the whole entourage to be around the bride as she is getting pampered in her final hours as a Ms.

Some people are blessed with an oil free and silky smooth complexion and yet others have to exfoliate, masque and even cover their acne prone skin. When you arrive at the venue, we ask that you come with a clean palette; this makes our job a little easier by allowing us to get started right away. We always use an oil free moisturizer on our brides and bridal party to guarantee the least shiny skin and to make sure no acne or pimples pop up throughout the day. We also apply an anti-shine serum to make sure that sweat doesn’t build up around the focal points of your face. Lastly, we always, ALWAYS apply makeup with brushes. It guarantees an even finish and subtracts the extra oil from your fingertips that will be spread around your face.

Lots of kissing and hugging is going to be happening on your wedding day, it’s to be expected, so with all that cheek to cheek action you’re going to get a little more than you bargained for. We strongly encourage our brides and anyone in the bridal party to bring an emergency touch-up kit. This should include at least a compact, powder-free blotching sheets to capture any shine, lipstick (super important), a sample size of your foundation with a travel size brush for any necessary touchups. If you’re the bride, give this kit to your mother or maid of honor for safekeeping and easy, quick access.

After the big day has ended and you’ve retired to your hotel suite it is just as important as priming the skin for makeup as it is to remove it. Lots of women lack this step in their makeup routine and think they can shower to remove it or just wait until the next day. We have found that by removing all of the makeup at night helps probe blemishes and acne for the following days especially since for the wedding day your makeup will be heavier than usual. Start by using your normal makeup remover wash or cleansing cloth. Make sure you aren’t tugging or pulling the skin as this can cause stretching in the skin and wrinkles to show up sooner than expected. Once the initial makeup is removed, go back over a second time with warm water and facial wash and then pat the skin dry. Grab your bottle of Rosewater Toner and a dry cotton ball and apply in an upward direction removing the last traces of makeup. Finish with your nighttime moisturizer.

As always, we hope brides and her bridal party use a professional artist to guarantee a flawless wedding day makeup and hairstyle which not only gives you peace of mind but the confidence of gorgeous pictures for years to come.