Spring 2015 Wedding Color Schemes

Posted on: March 18th, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Now that Spring is officially this week (where has the month gone?!), Lulu & Bass wanted to take the opportunity to share with our reader and clients the top Spring 2015 wedding color schemes. We hope you find inspiration, enjoyment and even that final color you needed for your wedding to tie everything together.

We fell in love with the color combination of Lavender and Champagne when we saw it set up at one of our client’s wedding. Lavender comes from a place of nostalgia and comfort for most people, so when incorporating this light purple color into your wedding, guests cannot help but feel welcomed and happy. As a bride, your wedding makeup will ultimately reflect your overall color scheme and compliment perfectly, and with the hues of champagne, this color looks great on just about everyone. Lulu & Bass has even used a lavender color for our bride’s eye shadow, which made her blue eyes pop! Champagne is not only a perfect, chilled beverage, but also a wonderful color to use on brides if they want a more natural or subtle wedding day makeup. If you need some more inspiration for wedding makeup and hairstyles, check out our blog page for more ideas.

Springtime is all the excitement of what you will be able to do outdoors again or maybe in San Diego, what we haven’t been able to do since last week (ha ha). The weather is getting warmer and our toes are getting primped for sandal season and we can’t wait to take a trip to the beach. The ocean has lots of inspiration for colors and here in San Diego, we have an ever-changing tide of colors; aquamarine and paired with either peach or green reflects just that, our beautiful backyard we call the Pacific Ocean. Using a warm color to compliment the cool aquamarine will give brides the opportunity to use their wedding makeup and wedding hairstyle to add a little more variety. Lulu & Bass is here to help with creating that wedding day makeup to blend in with your overall wedding scheme and we always recommend a trial or two before the big day.

If you are having a vintage inspired wedding then you have probably already read about the color, Lucite green. Pinterest and many other wedding websites are flooding with this cooler, softer green. Lucite green paired with creamy whites or ivory and even coral, look amazing together and we can only imagine how beautiful floral centerpieces and bridesmaids dresses would look too.  Using your stylist (hint Lulu & Bass) they can help coordinate your wedding makeup to seem a bit brighter and use a pop of coral lipstick to help with sticking to your wedding color scheme. Using a light brown and darker brown on the eyes will also help to soften the bright lip color for your wedding makeup.

With all the fresh fruits and vegetables returning to our produce section at the grocery store, we can’t help but appreciate the California weather. Almost all year around, we have a variety of fresh, and even local, produce. With the spring season starting, we have already seen a change in our produce options. Tangerines are coming out and delicious bright peppers and squashes. We think that using a few bright colors for a wedding scheme is fabulous; pairing the colors tangerine and custard yellow are almost sublime. Most often brides come to us with already having their wedding color scheme picked out and it is our job to use those colors to compliment both their theme and skin tone. We hope that no matter what color scheme you may have for your wedding, we provide you with a wedding hairstyle and wedding makeup that will make you feel nothing short of spectacular.

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