Mythbusters – Wedding Hair and Makeup Edition

Posted on: November 3rd, 2014 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

It would be so helpful if there were some magical button that, when pressed, searched through all of the bridal hair and makeup styles to find the ideal one just for you and your wedding theme. Now, this would be the perfect time for me to say “surprise!” and introduce you to this so-called magic button. Sorry to break it to you my San Diego brides, but that’s not what I have to offer. Instead, I intend to help you deal with the endless lists of do’s and don’ts or should’s and shouldn’t’s of wedding hair and makeup. I’ve found the most common myths of bridal hair and makeup styling and am here to show you that most of what you think is a “rule” can most definitely be broken.

#1. My (straight) hair won’t hold a curl or my (curly) hair won’t be able to be completely straight and smooth

FALSE. This is definitely a myth not only among brides, but also among all women in general. Your hair type is only a minor part of what will determine whether or not your wedding hair will hold a curl or eliminate frizz or poof. The biggest factors are the hair products that your stylist chooses to use and how they prep your hair before styling. Don’t hold yourself back from wanting those big curls or sleek strands…just go for it!

#2. Applying false lashes with your bridal makeup will look too fake

FALSE…no pun intended. There are very intricate ways to add one lash at a time, instead of adhering a whole strip, to get that natural, full lash bridal makeup look. Using false lashes will also help your eyes stand out among your dress and veil in your wedding photos. Plus, who doesn’t want to look like they’re incredibly gifted in the lash department for a day?

#3. If you want your curls or wedding updo to hold all day/night, you have to have dirty hair when styling

FALSE. Once again, this is another wedding hair myth attributed to the quality of your hair instead of the types of products that your stylists will be using. The reason this myth was started was because, in order to style wedding curls or an intricate wedding updo, your hair needs to be textured and the easiest way to get it that way is to have it not perfectly clean. However, there are hair products that can get your hair textured for you so don’t fret…you don’t have to sacrifice your pre-wedding hair treatment just yet.

#4. You HAVE to have an updo to have classy bridal hair

FALSE. Yes, having a slick bridal updo can look classic and sophisticated but it definitely is not the only way to achieve that look. Creating a deep hair part to one side or adding a beaded headpiece can give you the same feel as a refined wedding updo would.

Many of these myths really hinder brides from choosing certain wedding hairstyles or makeup styles. Hopefully, debunking these incorrect wedding hair and makeup myths will allow you to un-cross out some of your favorite styles and give them a try. The best piece of advice I can give you is TRIAL TRIAL TRIAL. Schedule a pre-wedding hair and/or makeup trial and let your stylist see what they can do with your hair. You might be surprised. Happy Mythbusting!