Memorial Day Wedding Makeup Guide

Posted on: May 22nd, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Memorial Day weekend is a very popular time to get married. In case you needed another excuse to enjoy your family and friends, this weekend provides an extra day to socialize with guests and throw another party. With so many options for a wedding on Saturday or Sunday and then the extra day on Monday for a BBQ or picnic, what’s a bride to do? We know BBQ season is officially starting this weekend and we want to help all our ladies who are either in a wedding or attending one this weekend with some Memorial Day wedding makeup ideas.

 Red & White Liner

What screams patriotic more than using the colors red and white in your ensemble? We recently had the pleasure of using this idea on a bride for her Navy wedding. We started with a neutral palette on her eyelids and then applied a liquid red eyeliner to her top lids. We created a cute winged look to make her eyes look larger and then added a smooth white crayon liner to her bottom lid and then extended it to meet under the winged tip of the red liner. Let’s just say she looked fierce. Finishing her look, we used waterproof black mascara and applied a neutral lipstick. For added appeal, fill in your eyebrows with a pretty reddish-auburn pencil or just skip this step for a more subtle look.

 Blue Mascara

Now, this may seem a little bold but who doesn’t love standing out, especially at a wedding? Finding the perfect shade of blue is totally up to you. There are colors ranging from powder blue to royal blue and even deep navy blue. The key to pulling off this commitment is using soft accent colors around the rest of your makeup. Keeping with a pale, light pink lipstick and even a light eye shadow color will make this blue mascara pop even more. Try mixing up some light hues of white and silver eye shadow to add if your wedding theme colors are along those lines. We suggest applying waterproof mascara and using both the top and bottom lashes for an added effect.  And who knows, maybe this is all you need for that something blue?

Bold Red Lipstick

Need we say more? Who doesn’t love a classic, stand out, fabulous red lipstick? Just remember ladies, when you go to use a beautiful red crayon or lipstick, you need to apply the right base, foundation and liner around your lips to make sure the color doesn’t bleed throughout your wedding photo shoot and reception. And as if you needed another excuse to show your love for our troops, combining this red lip with a blue and white eye liner will complete your red, white, and blue look.

Blue & White Liner

In case you are a little scared of using a bright red eyeliner for your wedding, we have also used liquid blue eyeliner on brides and bridesmaids. Applying this blue eyeliner in a similar manner as we suggested with the red, will capture not only the beauty of your eyes but also provide a more eye-opening look. As a bride, if you want to compliment the color blue of your theme, we suggest picking a shade that also compliments your eye color too. Using a black or dark brown eyeliner on the top of your lid with complimenting eye shadow and a blue eye liner on the bottom lid, provides our brides and bridesmaids with a hint of color if you’re scared of going too bold on the wedding day. Apply the white eyeliner on the inside creases of your eyes to make them look more awake, and you’ll thank us later.

We hope that if you are out celebrating a wedding or enjoying a weekend BBQ you try one of these Memorial Day wedding makeup ideas and give us a shout out if you love them!