Winter Color Scheme

Posted on: January 6th, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Forget kissing in the rain…take it down a couple degrees (say, 30 or so) and kissing in the snow is more like it. What’s more romantic than saying your I Dos all snuggled up with your groom-to-be and your closest friends and family? Maybe canoeing through a lake of swans but that’s about it—thanks Nicholas Sparks.

Deciding how to style a winter wedding is so different than any other season because the color palettes are so distinct: full of rich, bold reds and greens and cool blues and metallics. This makes it so much fun to incorporate these colors into your wedding makeup and design a stunning holiday glam wedding look. So here we go, here are some of the most popular winter wedding color schemes and breathtaking wedding makeup looks that would go hand in hand.

1. Maroon, Emerald, & Gold

Using these vibrant colors together may seem overwhelming in theory but seeing them together in one look creates a beautifully rustic, cozy vibe for your wedding style. Seeing them come together in a wedding makeup look is even more impressive. (However, this does take a woman with confidence to pull it off.) Pairing your antique winter wedding style with a colored smokey eye, specifically a color in the maroon or emerald family, and a bold lip creates a sultry wedding makeup look perfect for any poised bride.

2. 50 Shades of…Blue

Gotcha…bet you thought I was going to say gray huh. There’s a reason blue is associated with a winter wonderland; it is because it represents all the icy, chilly aspects of winter…like the snowflakes and icicles. Not only is it easy to create a color scheme of arctic blues, but it is extremely simple to transform this winter wonderland wedding theme into a wedding makeup look. (Think of a less extreme Elsa, the snow queen.) Start with a natural overall face makeup but play with light blues and shimmery shadows to capture that icy quality in your winter wedding makeup.

3. Champagne & Pomegranate

Now here we have a winter wedding color scheme that combines aspects of the previous two themes; you have the warm pomegranate color to continue with the rustic theme and the champagne adds the touch of shine that keeps the icy quality alive. The perfect classy, sparkly winter wedding theme! Using this to inspire a winter wedding makeup look leads to an effortlessly sophisticated wedding look. While most would assume the dark goes with the lip and the light shimmer goes with the eyes, I’m going to suggest a switch up…trust me on this one. For your eye makeup, go with a subtle smokey eye with a pomegranate shade that suite your skin tone—the darker your skin, the darker the shade. Then for your lip, find a nude that has a hint of shimmer to get that champagne quality. Talk about elegance baby.

I hope I’ve encouraged you to let go, or at least postpone, your dream of wet rainy kisses and start planning your snow-mance (snow romance, get it?!)…even though San Diego weddings don’t usually consist of snow.