Lipstick colors for summer weddings

Posted on: July 7th, 2014 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Spring-cleaning may be about getting rid of old clothes and giving your kitchen a deep scrub, but as far as Lulu & Bass is concerned, summer is the perfect time to ditch your traditional bridal lipsticks and test drive some of Mac Cosmetic’s hottest hues!

Sushi Kiss is an all over popular wedding shade. Complimented by the perfect peach blush, this mid-tone coral cream and satin finished lipstick is great to keep with your personal bridal collection as it is described to be slightly toned down from your everyday lippy, but it’s bright enough to illuminate a bride’s face!

Pink Nouveau is another winner from Mac Cosmetics; love, love, love! It seems as though our brides cannot get enough of this classic shade. Though intense, Pink Nouveau is not overly bright and leaves a satin finish that compliments all skin tones and is the icing that goes to the smudged black eyeliner and thick lashed bombshell bridal look.

Angel is not only Mac Cosmetic’s best selling color, but it is also Kim Kardashian’s go to! This shade is a soft and romantic pink form Mac’s spring collection that is fitting not only for any bride, but the entire bridal party (especially if you plan on using a neutral color scheme!) This lipstick is the perfect pink color for fair to medium skinned brides with a frosted finish that cools down any sultry look for an innocent bridal shine.

Myth For any exasperated bride who has given up on the search for the perfect nude shade, have no fear! This desirable pale muted peachy beige is the real deal. Myth is the perfect pair for the bride who is choosing a smokey eyed look. This satin finish of a color looks best on brides with fair to medium skin.

Ravishing is the best lipstick hands down. Perfect for our darker complexion brides, this medium to dark peachy coral color appears near natural. The cremesheen finish gives a naturally soft and full look to a bride’s lips without screaming, “I’m wearing orange lipstick!” This color is known to warm up a bride’s face and give her lips the perfect amount of color as to not distract from her ‘special day’ smile.

Brick O La is the ultimate bridal shade to compliment any skin tone! Though it was a best seller in Mac Cosmetic’s fall line due to it’s rich-reddish berry color, the texture and amplified creme finish adds a pop of color that pairs great with a natural sun-kissed look, or the seemingly popular bombshell look. The brick red looks gorgeous against an olive skin tone, but with the brown undertones, the darker color even works for the Snow White of brides!