It’s All About that Base, ‘Bout that Base!

Posted on: May 6th, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

We bet you couldn’t read that without singing Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass’ but hey, who can blame you? We are here to talk about another base, ladies, we all know what season it is; it’s wedding season, it’s bikini season, it’s workout season, it’s concert season and last but not least, it’s makeup meltdown season.  We have all felt the makeup dripping down the side of our face and the beads of sweat forming around the hairline. Lulu & Bass has been around the block a few times and we’ve learned a thing or two, like, it’s all about the base! The key to having long lasting, sweat proof makeup is starting with the right base on your face. Keep reading for our biggest recommendations to keep your makeup staying in place all day and night.

When we meet a client for the first time, we are thrilled and excited to start working with them. Each client has different and individual needs; that’s why we use several different makeup companies to provide our clients with the best, guaranteed to stay makeup. With being able to use three different makeup companies, we can appeal more perfectly to our clients’ skin type, since no two clients are ever the same, and we can show off their beautiful features.

Our first makeup company we use is Color Science but first, a little background on them; they provide “makeup with sun protection and skincare built-in” along with “antioxidants, peptides and vitamins” to make sure your skin is looking healthy and radiant. We have found that Color Science provides our clients with a more “natural” looking makeup look because of their “clean, breathable minerals and mica.” Another great reason we use Color Science is because their makeup is safe for clients with sensitive and ultra-sensitive skin. We love their primers since they give an equally moisturizing base as well as priming the skin for dark circles or spots, acne and fine lines which is great for weddings or a photo shoot. An added bonus with using Color Science as a base is that they give your skin the nutrients it needs to make it look beautiful tomorrow even after you’ve taken off all your makeup from the day of.

The second makeup company we use for our clients is Makeup Forever. This line of makeup is fantastic because they offer a wide variety of priming types; for instance, they have a smoothing primer, a nourishing primer, and even a redness correcting primer. This line offers many more options because they know too that each client has different needs just like the needs of makeup for a boudoir photo shoot compared to a wedding. We love using this line when our clients need a little more attention to their skin too. Using a base such as Makeup Forever’s will give our clients a medium base coverage compared to the lighter coverage of Color Science. Makeup Forever’s primers go on “seamlessly resulting in optimized color and finish for a longer lasting staying power,” and you know what, we couldn’t agree more.

Everyone has heard of Mac Cosmetics but what most people don’t realize is that they’ve been around the block too. Mac offers our clients a more concealing finish on their makeup and have the history to prove it. With a long-standing presence in the makeup community, Mac gives our clients the peace of mind that ever nook and cranny on your face will be covered for your big day. We all know weddings and parties can be stressful so if you happen to have a pimple pop up unexpectedly, Mac’s primer is the perfect tool to cover that unwanted zit. Using their base for our clients, we have also found that makeup meltdowns don’t happen here. Mac’s line of makeup gives clients a substantial variety of choices when it comes to not only bases but to foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks and so much more.

Whether our client is looking to do a simple, natural makeup or a more covered, concealed style, we have all the tools necessary to handle any event. We just ask that you remember, it’s all about the base!


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