How To Reuse That Ancient Family Heirloom

Posted on: December 1st, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Incorporating that “something old” got you feeling some kind of blue? We all have that former bride in the family who is overly eager to pass down a piece (…or all of) her wedding day ensemble to help you continue the tradition. Instead of finding a nice way to say no thank you to great grandma Jane, listen up because we’re going to fill you in on how to reuse that out of date wedding veil to create the stylish wedding look of your dreams! Forget old fashioned…these next bridal looks will have you fighting for those family heirlooms.


Let’s start in the 1950s
The 50s were a time where brides longed for a full skirted gown that emphasized a tiny waist, paired with elegant collars, and finished off with beautiful accessories. They liked to keep their wedding style modest and chic. As far as wedding veil fashion goes, birdcage veils were all the rage. To update this look, choose a simple wedding hairstyle, such as a side ponytail or some sort of bun, and allow yourself to don that funky wedding hair accessory!


Moving on to the 1960s
In the 60s, brides began to favor attaching their veils to pillbox hats…and no, those don’t carry your meds. With the veil going almost all the way around the circumference of your head, stopping just shy of your cheekbones, choosing wedding hairstyle that is sleek and pulled back would be best to complete this 60s bridal look. This veil choice is also adorable with a short wedding dress because it continues the playful wedding style.


Bring on the 1970s
I love the bridal fashion from this decade…it reminds me of current boho wedding styles. Think “flower power”! Wearing a floral wreath and sort of draping the veil over the head was a popular choice for 70s brides. Styling loose waves or an intricate braided updo as your wedding hairstyle helps to bring this wedding look to life.


Finishing up in the 1980s
Forget sex, drugs, and rock and roll. What reminds me most of the 80s is volume…volume everywhere! In their clothes, hairstyles, and of course, in their wedding veils. More was definitely thought of as better. While these wedding veils have more to love when it comes to their volume, they make a perfect statement piece. To transform this into a modern style, focus the volume in one location. Have it go out from the back, the sides, or the top…not all three. The easy part is this wedding veil can really go with any wedding hairstyle you choose! Make Princess Diana proud.

Now these are simply ideas to spark your imagination and assist you in integrating your family heirloom into your wedding look. It is extremely important to schedule trials! At least once before your wedding day, set time aside to pay a visit to your wedding hairstylist and play with some looks for your big day. You never know what you may like!