History of the (Wedding) Hair

Posted on: February 12th, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Let’s think of the history of hair as being similar to our previous relationships—you know, the ones before “the one.” Some were short, others were long; some (jk, most) were dramatic, and a few were subtle. The only difference is that we totally enjoy revisiting our old hairstyles…not so much our old boyfriends. Now when I say old, I’m not talking about San Diego style during the terrible 2000s; we do not want a cornrow-comeback. I’m talking about your grandma’s style, and you’ll look incredible (think a hairstyle thrift shop). However, transforming these historical hairdos into modern wedding hairstyles is where it can get tricky. There is a fine line between recreating a modern version of your grandma’s look and just recreating her embarrassing high school yearbook photo. But don’t worry…we’re going to let you in on a secret! We’ll show you how to take the most iconic features of your favorite looks and implement them into your own personal wedding style.


1. 1930s—show me the finger(s)

The transition out of the 20s left a whole lot of women conflicted; they were stuck with short, masculine bobs and a rise in feminine style trends. In hopes of achieving that look of femininity, curls became really popular. In particular, “finger curls,” which are like waves that laid flat against their heads. This kind of look would be perfect in creating a wedding hairstyle with subtle hints of femininity. Combine this with wedding makeup that includes long, curled lashes, blushed cheeks, and thin brows and you’ll be a modern 30s bride in no time.


2. 1940s—curls for the girls

The previous decade sparked the curled hair trend and the 40s watched that spark turn into a raging fire; curls were the rage with girls young and old, pretty much anyone who got their hands on an iron. These signature “rockabilly” looks required some women to only shower once a week to maintain their pristine curled hairstyles! Choosing a wedding hairstyle that incorporates this decade will give you a clean, modern rock-and-roll vibe that, when paired with a bright red lip for your wedding makeup, will definitely get your (older) guests reminiscing.


3. 1950s—all about that glamour

Picture Sandy from the film Grease and you’ve got this look covered. The 50s were all about big poodle skirts, drive in movies, and ponytails finished with a bow. Now, picture Sandy at a wedding: she’s got soft, bouncy curls and a simple cat eye. This wedding hairstyle would fit perfectly with a fancy, romantic wedding, especially with a delicate cat eye added to your wedding makeup.


4. 1960s—pump up the volume

This era was buzzzzzzzing with the beehive hairstyle: tons of tousled, voluminous hair wrapped tightly on top of your head. Drama and volume was definitely the goal of any hair and makeup style in the 50s. This transitions perfectly into any wedding hairstyle; specifically, any up-do with added volume along the crown of your head is honoring the 50s hairstyle goddesses. Finish off your wedding makeup with big, full Maybelline lashes and you’re a buzzing bride.


5. 1970s—the Farah Fawcett flip

Hairspray + even more hairspray + waves = the Farah Fawcett flip. She was understandably the main beauty icon for this decade, I mean c’mon, gorgeous. This look isn’t too far off from some current wedding hairstyle looks, minus a little hairspray. This is a perfect style for some springtime weddings coming up. Being the main influence behind a wedding hairstyle full of waves and volume and a wedding makeup style that emphasizes natural beauty, this decade was just screaming to be reincarnated into a modern 21st century bridal look.

These historical style makeovers will totally help you rock that “something old”!