Groom’s Wedding Hairstyles

Posted on: February 11th, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

The Dapper Dan

We know this classic style looks great on just about every man. This wedding hairstyle is achieved by having volume in the front of the groom’s hair while keeping the sides short and sweet. We recommend this hairstyle for men with slightly longer hair to be able to hold the look and to keep the part even down the middle. We are able to use a shorter cut on the sides while keeping the hair on top longer to get that little bit of volume. Another option with the Dapper Dan is having a deep side part and then adding the volume to the side of the groom’s head versus in the center front.

Sleek and Smooth

When we think of a groom, we imagine Don Draper from Mad Men. He’s got the perfect cut suit, the clean-shaven face, his hair is impeccable and that oh so sexy smile. To get this style, we typically use a slight part with strong hold gel that way we guarantee the hair will stay in place all day and night. We trim the sides and if needed, take a little from the top to ensure the perfect sleek wedding hairstyle.

Rough and Rugged

If our groom wants to keep his beard for the wedding, we are all for it! Power to ya! However, with keeping with that “look” if you will, we like to think that the “Mountain Man” can have a styled appearance for his wedding day; because he obviously wants to look good in their wedding photos too. To accomplish this, we clean up the rough edges around his beard, trim it and maybe even put a little styling gel to hold those few stragglers.  We also keep the length on his hair and pull it out of his face to make sure he doesn’t have to keep pushing it out of the way. We like to think that David Beckham or even Tom Hardy (yum!) is our ideal rough and rugged groom. We aim to have the perfect balance of hair on both his head and face and we are sure to impress your bride.

Surfer Hair

Since we live in sunny San Diego, we all know the typical “surfer hair” we are talking about. He has sunshined highlights, a little salty-ness that never truly leaves his hair and can never quite comb it all the way through, yes, this is our surfer guy. We love seeing his tousled locks and keep every single curl in place for his wedding day. Sometimes we cut a little of the dead-ends off and restyle his “messy” look to be a little less…messy.

Long and Strong

If your groom has the privilege of having long hair, we love the challenge.  We keep to a fairly traditional look when it comes to working with grooms with long hair. We also ask if they want anything trimmed or cut before we begin. If he wants to keep his hair as long as it already is, we start working. We have seen braids to simple ponytails and even the more recent “manbun.” Whatever your groom decides he wants and maybe more importantly, what you want his hair to look like, we always make sure our grooms walks out with smile.