Fourth of July mani

Posted on: August 10th, 2017 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Can you believe it is already about to be the 4th of July?…because we sure can’t. As we were busy getting through June gloom as fashionably as we could, the world kept turning and has finally landed us in July. With sunshine, fireworks, and beach day barbecues comes patriotic themed wedding styles (and we could not be happier).  However, we would like to shift your focus to a part of the bridal beauty routine that we have not covered very much, which would be your bridal nail care. With a wedding during this nation-loving holiday, it might be fun to incorporate its colors and symbols into your wedding style by adding them to your nails! We have seen tons of nail inspiration (#nailspiration) and are here to share our four favorite ideas with you for your very patriotic wedding day nail art.

A very common wedding day nail choice is the traditional French manicure—our 4th of July version is just a little more jazzed up than you are probably used to seeing on brides. We really like how the stars are included in the French tip part of the manicure and how the middle finger is different. It adds a lot of individualized style depending on what design you choose to use!

Next up is a wedding day nail art look that is a step up from the French manicure we just showed to you. If you like stars and stripes, why not just cover your entire nail? That is what this bride was thinking when she opted for this colorful wedding day beauty look. For the three full colored nails, you can choose to do them red like shown or play with different colors (such as white or blue to keep the patriotic theme going).

If you want to include full colored nails (as opposed to a French manicure style) in your bridal look, this is definitely an option as well. It is also an alternative to remaining patriotic without blatantly using 4th of July symbols like stars and stripes. Add a little glitter to make it shimmer and bam, you have completed this third bridal nail art look.

Last but certainly not least is a patriotic bridal nail art look that does not utilize the iconic red, white, and blue color scheme. Instead, this bride used metallic nail polish to recreate fireworks on her nails. On your wedding day, these fireworks can technically serve a dual purpose (4th of July celebrations and the fireworks going off in your heart after marrying the love of your life!).
In the weeks leading up to your big day, test out a few of these wedding nail art looks to see which one fits the best with your personal and actual wedding style. If you never have a French manicure and always have a bold color on your nails, do not deviate from that on your big day! Choose something true to you. Have a safe and fun 4th of July brides!