Flower Girls Hair & Makeup

Posted on: October 21st, 2014 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

With all the hustle and bustle of getting the bride picture-perfect ready to walk down the wedding aisle, some people forget about the second special girl that gets to take that same walk first—the flower girl! This mini-bride should be treated as one of the girls during all of the pre-wedding style preparation and the morning-of beautification. Your flower girl should match the style of the rest of the wedding party as far as wedding hair, wedding makeup, and dress choices go. However, remember that less is more; this isn’t a beauty pageant and your little lady should not have layers of makeup on or fake hair extensions piled on her head. Here are a few ways to accentuate her true beauty and create that flawless, innocent flower girl look.

With that being said, it is definitely a-okay to let her sit with the big girls and get her hair and makeup done on your wedding day! This is a special day for you, the bride, and of course you want everyone to look and feel their best. For your flower girl, have your wedding makeup artist apply some light blush, maybe a touch of mascara, and some pretty pink lip gloss. While your other bridesmaids will most likely have full facial wedding makeup on, you do not want your flower girl to look like her wedding makeup is too heavy or is taking over her natural beauty.

One of my favorite looks for those adorable flower girls is a homemade flower crown (ironically). Hint hint: this is also a perfect way to incorporate your wedding colors into her wedding look and have the flower crown match your wedding bouquet. It helps her to embody the childish, carefree spirit of the flower girl and, let’s be honest, looks so sweet on them. If your flower girl isn’t comfortable with a ring of flowers on her head, or maybe it keeps falling into her face, an alternate way to get that same effect is to pin flowers in her hair with a clip.

Another way to help create that sweet, girly flower girl look is to fashion a head of curls. Her curly locks are the perfect accent to that flower crown or flower accessories that you may choose to add to her wedding hairstyle.

If you’re looking for something a little less bohemian and more classic, try clean braids or even braids that lead back into a ponytail. There are tons of variations with braids and ponytails that can fit many wedding styles. To make things look more put together, after fastening the ponytail with a hair tie, wrap a small piece of hair around it to hide the hair tie. There are also plenty of options like a bow or stylish hair ties to also hide the plain hair fastener.

Lastly, if you want her to look completely sophisticated and classy, she can totally rock a clean updo or top knot bun! (See previous blog post for directions on the top knot bun) Just like the other styles, this updo/bun will also look cute and girly with flower accessories.

If you are still unsure about what style you want for your flower girl, ask her…sometimes they will choose something that will pleasantly surprise you!