False eyelashes for your wedding day

Posted on: March 11th, 2014 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Tears of joy and happiness are sure to come with all of the emotion, laughter, and excitement that takes place on your big day. These are beautiful emotions for the photographer to capture and the last thing you need to be worrying about is if your mascara is running with those tears streaming down your rosy cheeks! Obviously, waterproof mascara IS definitely an option for your makeup application; and if you decide to, our team of artists can use that, if it is your choice. But one option many brides don’t know about it is the idea of false eyelashes. They are bold, full, can be matched to the color that most naturally fits your skin tone and hair, and will even last through your honeymoon!

If you start doing your research (which we’ve tried to help eliminate your need to, by providing the facts here), you’ll find out that applying false eyelashes yourself can be quite the challenge, but if professionally applied with your makeup, we can ensure they’ll last until you’re home from your honeymoon voyage!

Here are some fun Pros and Cons facts on falsies…

Pro:  If properly applied, false lashes can really help to ‘pop’ the eyes in photographs and in person.  They add that little extra drama that the camera loves!

Con:  Be careful not to overdo your false lash look on your wedding day.  Adhering super thick lashes to your eyes could potentially ruin your natural beautiful bridal glow.  Be sure you match your false lash look with your makeup style and eye shape.  For example, if you have Asian eyes you do not want Kim Kardashian lashes on your big day!  They would not only look out of place but make you appear very unnatural, very un-bride like.  Asian eyes suit a more delicate false lash look.

Pro:  Professional makeup artists can easily and properly place false lashes on you that will last your entire day and evening – in fact, all of my bridal clientele tell me they forgot they were wearing false lashes about 15 minutes after I had applied them.  They are comfortable and if properly done are a huge asset to your wedding day look.

Con:  Applying false lashes to your own eyes is challenging.  You need a lot of practice, the right tools and glue (forget the ones that come with your false lash kit…most of the time they are hopeless!)  and a very steady hand.  This service is something you should leave to the pro’s!  You do not need to add more stress to yourself the morning of your wedding!

Pro:  False lashes are put on in the morning and taken off before you go to bed.  Easy peasy!  Unlike other options such as lash extensions that require maintenance and have a tendency to fall off right when you don’t want them to!

Con:  False lashes are adhered to the skin using a specific type of eyelash glue.  Some of these glues are waterproof – or claim to be – but let’s face it…  Mix tears with glue and what do you get?  Yeah, it’s not good.  So, if you are a big time crier (I’m talking bawling your eyes out type of crier) then stay away from false lashes.  If you think you might shed a few tears then false lashes are still a good option!  I always tell my brides this and they tell me afterwards that this information actually helped to control their tears on their wedding day.

Another great tip…..if you do tear up, always remember to pat your tears with a tissue rather than wipe.  This way you’re less likely to smear your makeup or mess up your false lash look.