eye color + shadow color pairings that will make your eyes pop

Posted on: August 10th, 2017 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

When planning out your wedding makeup look, it would be a good idea to figure out which eye shadow hues suit your eye color. Given that your eyes are central to your face (aka the thing that most people look at) you want to make sure to get that color combination right. Here to help guarantee a spot on wedding eye makeup look are the fantastic, talented Lulu & Bass wedding hair and makeup stylists. They have passed along their best recommendations for eye color + shadow color pairings that will make your eyes pop and definitely have you saying “Eye” Do to your wedding makeup look.

First Up: Brown Eyed Girl

We know that simply saying brown eyes does not even come close to expressing the different variations out there…the spectrum can run from light hazel all the way to deep chocolate brown (and many many in between). For the sake of keeping this classified as an article—as opposed to a novel—we will reveal the best family of wedding eye shadow colors to choose from in order to couple nicely with a wide range of brown eyes. Luckily, those brides out there with beautiful brown eyes can pull off most colors including greens, blues, pinks, golds, coppers, and metallics. The metallic shades are especially nice as they really reflect off of deep brown eyes.


Following That: Beautifully Blue

As a rule of thumb, stick to lighter neutral tones for nice wedding shadow hues that will generally complement blue eyes. We love to see warm oranges, browns, and light greys mixed into the wedding makeup look for blue eyed brides. Light metallic shadow (such as a champagne) can create a beautiful look as well that is not too overwhelming.


Third: Green Goddess

Our green eyed brides naturally have bright, vibrant eye colors so there is no need to use shadows with those same qualities in her wedding makeup look. Stick to shimmery mocha, golds, or warm browns. However, to create an extra special wedding makeup look, pair your green eyes with a deep rich purple eye shadow and get an intense wedding makeup look.


When working with most eye colors, we do not like to use the same color shadow as eye color. The reason being is that you do not want the colors to be competing…you want the eye color to stand out and have the shadow be a tool to help you do so. By finishing off these looks with a little eye liner and mascara, we have given you several amazing options that will most definitely create stunning wedding makeup looks. However, when in doubt just choose soft neutrals as they tend to pair well with most eye colors. The only way to truly make sure you achieve the perfect pairing on your wedding day is to book wedding beauty trials! This is your time to share all of your ideas and inspiration with your own personal beauty consultant and try them out for yourself.