Coachella and Summer Wedding Hairstyles

Posted on: April 8th, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

It’s starting to feel like summer with the sun shining, the cool breeze at night and crickets have started chirping which also means, it’s festival season! Lulu & Bass has been looking forward to this season because our brides-to-be are looking at the fashion and hairstyles coming out of Coachella to guide them for their soon-to-be summer weddings. We love all the fresh, new ideas that stem from these exciting festivals and love trying them out with our soon-to-be brides.

One of the easiest and simplest solutions to create an amazing festival hairstyle is a messy side braid. We all know that showering is the least of your worries at Coachella so with having dirty hair, this messy braid is the perfect look. Many of our brides for summer weddings love using this idea too because it can be altered in many different ways with a fishtail, French braid and even using ribbon or fresh flowers to add a statement piece.  Guide your hair over to one shoulder and begin braiding, secure with elastic. Next, tug on the outsides of the braids to create a fuller looking hairstyle and finish with light hairspray.

Now, if you and your friends have been having weekly get-togethers in preparation for Coachella this weekend (or next) we know you have been scorching through the Internet trying to find a unique and creative option for your hair. Well ladies, we are here to tell you that there are many, hundreds in fact, ways to use real (or fake) flowers in your hair.  Going to Michael’s or Jo-Ann’s to get a thin wire circle frame to help create the perfect crown is just the first step.  Second, you can hot glue the ends of the flowers onto the wire frame or using a thin fishing line, you can create a chain of flowers to twist around the wire frame. Next, you can make your own headband using flowers as well by recycling an old one from your elementary school days or buy a basic one from a craft store. Our summer weddings have lots and lots of real flowers, which smell great and also look beautiful, come photo time. Another idea our brides love to use is adding flowers to their hair that compliment their wedding scheme or match the groom’s tux.

A no brainer for festival-goers is a loose bun. This hairstyle can be achieved with anyone with medium to long hair. What’s even better is if your hair is a day or two dirty because this will make for an even more reliable hairstyle. Using a dry shampoo to add some volume to the roots will make this bun even more fabulous. Many brides love this look as well because of the simplicity. Using bobby pins, clear elastics and even neutral hair ties to make the bun stay in place can become accessorized which our summer brides love too!

Thinking back to our childhoods, we are sure that your mother or grandmother braided your hair or put it in pigtails. Now, whether you liked it or not is a different story however, with summer weddings an unlikely hairstyle that we are sure you’re going to question is ruffled pigtails. This hairstyle is best achieved with a bride who has longer hair and can have an open mind. Adding volume and teasing the hair will make these pigtails chic and wedding-day worthy. For our festival chicks adding a head wrap scarf to this look will create a perfect hairstyle for those hot afternoons with no shade.

If you have about 10 minutes to dedicate to your hair, Lulu & Bass asks you to try this crown braid. First gather the majority of your hair from the center of your head and tie into a high bun, you’ll redo this part later. Gather the sections of hair around your forehead, behind your ears, and around the nape of your neck, this is what you’ll be braiding. Starting at the top of your forehead on either side, begin to braid and continue all the way around your head in one continuous braid; finish with a clear elastic and bobby pin in place. Next re-gather the high bun you made and tease the roots of your hair. Adding some volume to this section will make for a perfect messy bun and look even better throughout the day. If you want to create this look for a wedding, adding a jeweled crown will make for the perfect wedding hairstyle. And if you are heading to Coachella, adding individual flowers to your hair and securing with bobby pins will make you festival ready!

Our final festival and wedding look is the Miley Cyrus buns. Yes, we know how popular she was (is?) but we have to give her some credit since her music hasn’t lasted and her hairstyles have. These two little buns are achieved by sectioning off your hair into left and right sides. Gather one side up and tie with an elastic and do the same for the other side. Make sure you have these pigtails high enough so that they don’t look like Princess Leia from Star Trek. Next, start twisting your hair on one side and bobby pin to stay. Do the same on the other side. Voila. You’ve just become Miley Cyrus. For our brides-to-be this hairstyle can be altered into a variety of looks for that perfect beach wedding or if you want to be able to dance all night and not worry about hair getting in your face.