Cleaning your makeup brushes

Posted on: March 10th, 2014 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

I often find myself neglecting one of the most important parts of our makeup routine. Our brushes have direct contact with our skin everyday so here is a little reminder.

Clean your brushes … We use our brushes so often sometimes over our oily skin and we forget how much bacteria they hold.

What usually comes to mind is…how long it will take for them to dry or our favorite one has to be dry by tomorrow. In reality its a really fast and easy process and they dry faster than we think.

I rinse mine thoroughly under the facet till the water is clear. It usually take about 2 minutes.

Once they are rinsed clean them with a gentle shampoo. I use bare-minerals well-cared for brush conditioning shampoo or Johnson’s baby shampoo. I put the solution in a separate cup roughly about one tablespoon. (you can also use vinegar.)