Bride with no hair

Posted on: August 10th, 2017 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

This week we want to address something pretty unlike our usual wedding hair or wedding makeup blog topics…like polar opposites actually. We all assume (and take for granted) the fact that we will have hair to style on our wedding day and it is just a matter of choosing between waves or curls, wedding updo or down with a wedding hair accessory. But what happens if there really isn’t any hair to style? What would you do if you had to style your wedding day beauty look around being a bald bride? We are here to help you regain some confidence with four totally awesome bridal looks that can be done with—or more importantly without—hair.


The first look we have fallen in love with is a hair chain…pretty much the most stylish form of hair jewelry and can make such a cool vintage statement when incorporated into your wedding day hairstyle (or hair-less style). It is worn in a similar fashion as a headband, draped on the crown of your head. You can definitely make this a statement piece and eliminate any need for other jewelry in your wedding day ensemble. You can forget about earrings or a necklace because this head chain will steal the show.


If you want to go the more traditional route, an intricate lace veil mimics the look of long hair and still has the look of a classic bride. A sheer veil will also allow your wedding look to have a classic feel but it draws attention to your beautiful bald head…something to feel confident about! But really, the same goes here for brides with and without hair. Choose a veil style that suits you and your wedding style and go for it.


We hope you did not think you were going to get through this blog without us recommending flower crowns did you? We love love love this choice! With the right flowers/plants in your wedding floral crown, it can add a lot of volume like a wedding hairstyle would. So technically this is your voluminous wedding flowerstyle! No matter your wedding theme, you can find flowers and greenery to match any style, which is good news for all your flower crown lovers out there.


Last but not least (really not least) is to bare it all and go all natural. It is done every day on brides with hair so why shouldn’t this be an option for brides without hair? Choose a pair of fun earrings and walk down that aisle like the brave, confident, beautiful bride you are and don’t let anyone tell you or make you feel otherwise!


We hope you enjoyed this abnormal Lulu & Bass bridal blog topic. There are so many different types of brides out there and we do not want anyone to feel left out. So whether you have hair or not, keep coming back for the latest in wedding makeup and hair (or hairless) trends. Have a great week and happy Monday!