Angelina Jolie’s Simple Wedding Look

Posted on: September 23rd, 2014 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

The day has come…Brangelina is, well, officially Brangelina! This hot Hollywood power couple has finally rung the chapel bells and said ‘I do.’ While not the excessive, Earth-shattering wedding we were all expecting, this dynamic duo opted for a more intimate setting to exchange their long awaited vows. Pitt and Jolie, accompanied by their closest friends and family, wed on August 23rd at the chapel at Chateau Miraval, the family’s estate in Correns, France. With their 6 children participating in the ceremony, the couple wanted to ensure this day was a very special one for their family.

Now on to Angelina. No one was shocked when she donned a custom Versace gown made by the very own master tailor, Luigi Massi, who “is like family to me,” she quotes. However, there was something extremely unique to Jolie’s dress. All along the veil and the back of her gown were tons of drawings from her children’s artwork! At first glance, I couldn’t quite tell what those little images were but upon discovering they were personalized touches from her children, I was in awe. The fact that Jolie really tried to incorporate her children made this a true family affair. Pitt and Jolie weren’t just getting married…their whole family was becoming more connected.

Angelina’s wedding hair and makeup choices were kept very simple, as to let her one of a kind dress take the lead. Her hair was pulled away from her face into a tight, sophisticated bun, letting the edges of the veil frame her cheeks. Her jewelry was also kept to a minimum; aside from her gorgeous ring, she only wore a pair of large pearl earrings. Her impeccable makeup really finished off this effortlessly beautiful wedding makeup look. The soft brown smokey eye, thick eyelashes, and a subtle neutral colored lip were just enough to accentuate her features without overwhelming the elegant gown. This wedding makeup look really gave her the ultimate bridal glow.

Any modern day bride can easily replicate this wedding hair and makeup look—minus the Versace bridal gown and veil. To create a natural wedding hair and makeup look of your own, make sure to stick with a neutral wedding makeup palette and a simple wedding hairstyle. For the eyes, create either a soft smokey eye like Angelina or do eyeliner and thick lashes with a shimmery shadow. For the lips, always opt for a neutral lipstick or even a gloss if you are looking for something with a little shine. Try not to overdo it with the blush or bronzer and limit the artificial contouring. Lastly, top if off with a touch of illuminator on the bridge of your nose and the top of your cheek bones and you’ll have created your very own Angelina Jolie bridal makeup! For a similar wedding hairstyle, try and choose something that doesn’t look too styled…the fewer bobby pins the better. Either let your hair flow down over your shoulders or pick an effortless updo like Jolie.

But honestly, the main thing it comes down to when trying to create a natural wedding hair and makeup look is to look like you! Angelina used her signature ‘defined cheekbones’ and ‘plump lips’ to center her natural hair and makeup look around. If your facial structure is complimented more with your hair down, choose that, or vice versa. Look like you and your natural beauty will be sure to shine through!