How to Create a Sock Bun In 6 Easy Steps

Posted on: August 12th, 2014 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Every girl has those days where the snooze button is pressed one too many times. Now, not only is there a race against time to deal with but she must also address the tangled mess sitting atop her head—that’s right, her hair. Whether you’re the CEO at a corporate office or just cruising the San Diego beaches, rolling that matted mess into a tight and trendy bun is the fast and easy fix for the early morning time crunch. Trust me, this look will make you want to take that thirty minutes of extra beauty sleep.

This bun has earned the slang title of a “sock bun” because, well, you literally use a sock. Here’s a step-by-step guide to take you from frazzled to fabulous in less than five minutes.

1. Take one long sock (from ankle to mid-calf length depending on how long your hair is). Try and find a sock that coordinates with your hair color; if your hair is light use a lighter sock and vice versa. Cut the toe part off so it looks like a tube sock.

2. Start with your hair brushed and in a high ponytail. The bun will be centered around wherever you place the ponytail so the higher it is, the higher the bun will sit on your head.

3. Roll your cut sock from one end to the other so it looks like a little donut and feed the ends of your hair through it so your hair just sticks out of the top of the “donut.”

4. Wrap the ends of your hair up and around to the bottom of the donut and keep rolling until you reach the base of your ponytail. Your hair should cover the entire sock so now it looks like the donut is made from your hair.

5. Lastly, if you feel like you need to, you can secure it with some bobby pins to make sure it will last you all day.

6. However, you can also choose to integrate this look on your wedding day. To transform this into a wedding hairstyle, you may want to dress it up a little by adding a flower or a beaded headband that matches your bridal look. Depending on the placement on your head, your veil can fit nicely either above or below the bun. This wedding hairstyle will make your bridal style look effortlessly beautiful.

To make this look more office appropriate, you can slick back all of your baby fly away hairs with any type of frizz treatment or hair oil. My personal favorite is Moroccan Oil, which can be found at many beauty salons or Nordstrom’s. They have created a frizz control product that makes any type of hair calm and manageable. To finish this off, add some eye-catching earrings and voila you’ve created a style that will land you any deal!

After work this hairdo can look boho and fashionable by letting those fly away hairs down, opting for some colorful ear accessories, and adding a floral headband with some funky eyewear. Whatever your style may be, you are sure to find accessories that match your personality while roaming around the streets of San Diego rocking your new updo!

In addition, this high-bun updo is making a breakthrough into wedding hairstyles as well. Many stars have been finishing off their wedding day look with this perfect, classy bridal hair twist. This has sparked the trend among common brides and can be incorporated to fit any wedding theme, from chic to country—not to mention it is so easy to wear and can last through hours of dining and dancing. This neatly placed bun can be a great finish to your dramatic dress or the perfect touch to your simple bridal gown.

So the next time you lose the fight between you and that relentless alarm clock, just stop, remain calm, and remember this simple and inexpensive way to transform your old sock into a lifesaving, timesaving new look.