50 Shades of Lipstick

Posted on: February 18th, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

In honor of the most anticipated 2015 Valentine’s Day film in San Diego, we hope to bring you the most equally awaited for compilation of wedding beauty products: 50 Shades of Lipstick. While ours doesn’t come with sexy lingerie, hunky actors, or an actual 50 shades of anything really (technically, more like 12), we’re offering you something better. We’re saving you endless hours of Pinterest hunting and department store lurking, searching for that perfect shade of lipstick for your wedding makeup look. We already did all of the hunting and lurking, so don’t say we never did anything for you.


Okay, let’s start with the basics. These few lipsticks will make you look beautiful even when you’re not wearing anything (that’s what nude means right?) But really, you won’t need anything else to rock your wedding look if you’ve got these few tubes in tow.

1. Tom Ford Blush Nude

This will become your perfect everyday lip. It may seem like it is barely there, but it is just doing all of its work undercover. Pair this lipstick with a soft wedding makeup style to complete a feminine, naturally beautiful wedding look.

2. MAC Viva Glam V

This shade is one step up; it has a nude base but is finished with a hint of shimmer! It is also complimented by a simple, ethereal wedding makeup look but it adds a subtle glamorous touch. Viva Glam V is a tube of its word: live glam.

3. Bobbi Brown Sandwash Pink

Do not be fooled! Just because pink is in the name, in no way is this shade considered pink. Like the others, the base is nude but a hint of pink is there to add some natural lip color to your wedding pout. This nude stands out against an otherwise natural wedding makeup look and is quite stunning, if you ask us.


To accentuate your feminine bridal style, let a pink lipstick bring out your sweet side.

1. YSL Rouge Volupte

Out of these three, this pink shade is the subtlest; it is more like a pink shimmer. It completes a delicate wedding style and is ideal for any bride who wants an innocent bridal makeup look.

2. Tom Ford Pink Dust

This one is hands-down our favorite (at $50 a tube it should be, right?!). If you’re a bride going for a universal pretty pout, this one’s for you. This sophisticated shade compliments almost any wedding makeup style so take your pick!

3. MAC Please Me

As the name suggests, this shade is bright and eye-catching. Please Me can take the femininity of a pink lipstick and transform it into a flamboyant, striking wedding makeup style. You’ll definitely be “pleased” with this one.


Any coral shade is ideal for two things: 1. summer/tropical weddings and 2. blue or green eyes.

1. Jouer Cosmetics Olivia

To start, here is a very soft, subtle coral shade. It is like step one of ten: 1 being this and 10 being straight up tangerine. It beautifully accents blue or green eyes and creates a tropical wedding makeup look (perfect for destination weddings, btw).

2. MAC Color Me Coral

Color Me Coral is also a simple shade, maybe like a step three? However, MAC added shimmer so it is almost like this coral shade went out and dipped itself in sunshine. This shade has a hint of metallic, which pairs nicely with a classy, bohemian wedding makeup style.

3. Revlon Siren

If you’re looking for a true coral lipstick, this one’s got your back…or your lips I guess? Siren has got summer brides covered because it can give any wedding makeup look a sandy wonderland vibe.


Last but definitely not least…not only do berries make great desserts and yummy drinks, their colors also look great on our lips!

1. Jane Iredale Rose

This shade is more matte than the other two so it may seem a little less daunting. Wearing a dark lipstick can definitely be something to get used to but once you’re ready, it creates beautifully dramatic wedding makeup looks. To add a little shine to this shade, top it with a gloss (try Pure Gloss Candied Rose). Just that small change can take your wedding makeup look from daytime ceremony to nighttime reception.

2. Revlon Raspberry Bite

Take it a shade or two darker and shinier and you’ve got Raspberry Bite. Revlon was pretty on point with this name; it is almost identical to the color of a raspberry. Pair this shade with a simple eye makeup and your overall makeup look will be elegant and classic.

3. MAC Rebel

If your middle name is drama, this shade has your name written all over it. Complete your wedding makeup look with a smokey eye and you’ll be all set to “rebel” against the contrasting subtle wedding style.