5 Fall Wedding Hair and Makeup Ideas

Posted on: September 24th, 2014 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Don’t let this unusually warm San Diego weather fool you…fall has finally arrived! While it may be just a tad too early to whip out your favorite cozy peacoats and fuzzy scarves, it is however perfectly appropriate to incorporate some signature fall touches to your wedding hair and makeup style through bright pops of color, bold statements, and floral accents. With the summer days drifting away, and the crisp autumn air surely right around the corner (fingers crossed!), check out these fall wedding hair and makeup styles that will leave you eager to shake off that summertime sadness—sorry Lana.

1. Add a floral hair accessory

Adding an accent piece to your wedding hairstyle is one of the simplest ways to tie in your wedding colors. So, why not have your cake and eat it too by using your hair accessory to incorporate color and style?! Pinning in a flower or wearing a personalized flower crown is a very pretty way to showcase a fall wedding hairstyle.

2. Use a warm makeup color palette

Have you ever wanted to rock that perfect berry or ruby red lipstick but didn’t know when would be the most fitting time to do so? Do it now, I say! Fall is known for its deep reds, vivid plums, and rustic oranges so featuring it in your fall wedding makeup look is definitely the way to make a bold statement.

3. Metallic makeup details

Making use of metallic in your wedding makeup, regardless of the season, is a very glamorous way to add shine and sophistication. However, instead of just sticking to the basics—silver and gold—venture out and find a metallic-infused eyeliner, eye shadow, or lip gloss to create a fall metallic makeup style. For example, find a bronze (orange & gold) metallic lipstick or a wine-gold shadow to add a bit of autumn wedding hair and makeup elegance.

4. Create a look with bright highlights

While until now I have only elaborated on fall’s warmer color palette to base your wedding hair and makeup style off of, there are also the vivid and vibrant colors of fall to use when styling your wedding. Think colors of blooming flowers and fresh fruits and veggies—rich yellows and pinks and oranges! Any of the above styles I have mentioned can also be done with this color palette. Instead of using a deep red hair flower, use bright red. In place of a warm plum lipstick, use a light berry color. Varying these color tones can create a whole new wedding hair and makeup look but still keeping that hint of fall noticeable.

5. Curls, curls, curls

Yes, curls can work in any wedding style, theme, or season but are increasingly popular for fall brides. Fall symbolizes the wind rustling through the trees leaving your hair a tangled mess, relaxing with your hair and makeup untouched on a big cozy couch, and the effortless earth regenerating. Curls—whether completely down, half up, or in a tousled updo—are the wedding style choice that can be seen as easy, natural, and unforced, which is why they embody fall so well.

There you have it. Those summer nights may have had you feelin’ good, but these fall wedding hair and makeup tips will have you lookin’ good too!