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So, it’s your wedding day…and it’s raining. (Isn’t it ironic…don’t you think?)

No matter how hard you try, sometimes Mother Nature just has other plans that you can’t outrun and the only way to get ahead of her is to prepare, prepare, prepare. By properly preparing, you can sidestep the horrible humidity frizz and rain flattened locks…unless you actually wanted to go for the poodle/wet dog look on your wedding day. When the weather is at its worst, you’ve got to be at your best and that’s what our talented Lulu & Bass stylists are here for! They’ve compiled several tips and tricks to make sure your wedding day hair is completely weather-proofed.

First things first: before even thinking about which wedding hairstyle to choose, you’ve got to accept what you’re working with. One thing we’ve learned during this wet San Diego winter is that humidity will always win. Therefore, working with your natural texture will provide the best outcome when styling a wedding hairstyle that you want to last from “I do’s” to the final dance in rainy weather. The best tress tactic from here is to choose some sort of simple wedding updo styled with flexible hold hairspray to make your wedding look long-lasting yet touchable. These next few wedding hairstyles can work with every hair texture and wedding style out there!


Lucky for you brides out there, braids are equally cute and convenient. They can glam up any wedding hairstyle while also making those stubborn flyaways vanish. In unsatisfactory weather conditions, this can be extremely helpful. For a more fairy-like, bohemian wedding style, incorporate a braided crown. To create a wedding look that is more classic, choose an elegant side braid with some glamourous wedding hair accessories.

Tousled Top Knot

This wedding hairstyle is simple yet stunning. This style works well with super curly hair and can create a very voluminous bun but can also be done with stick-straight hair for a more classic wedding look. Given that this wedding hairstyle is fairly simple, you can have fun with your wedding hair accessories by adding headbands or bun pins.

Low Chignon

Pretty much a fancy word for a down low, side bun. This look is very similar to the tousled top knot, but just the opposite. You can dress it up, dress it down, and also have fun with your wedding hair accessories.

Now, you guys can put all of these styles together to create a…drum roll please…braided bun! This wedding hairstyle brings together the best aspects: braids to hide the flyaways and buns to keep your hair intact and safe from the humidity and moisture brought on by the rainy weather.

While rain represents many things in many different cultures, our consensus is that rain on your wedding day is most definitely good luck! It symbolizes things like fertility and unity…both of which are huge bonuses on your wedding day. So put that superstition behind you, plan ahead for the weather (there’s an app for that), and show that rainy weather who’s boss.