The best products for wedding hair styling

Posted on: July 30th, 2014 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Product Review—Living Proof

If you knew how Jennifer Aniston got her perfect hair days, you would use the same stuff—right? Well say goodbye to the weekly drug store hunt for that ultimate beauty product steal claiming to fix every hair imperfection because we’ve found it for you. To get that PhD (aka perfect hair day) on the one and only day it really counts—your wedding day—Jennifer Aniston has come together with a team of brilliant scientists to bring you Living Proof products. Here’s a list of a few of their sprays that will help create and carry your wedding hairstyle throughout your whole big day:

1. Full Root Lifting Spray

Living Proof prides themselves on being “proof in a bottle” and not “hope in a bottle” so when they introduced this product, we were sure it would live up to its full potential—no pun intended. This spray is designed to give brides with fine hair the potential to create wedding hairstyles that appear naturally full. Modern brides strive for wedding hair with bombshell volume so we use this product in wedding hairstyles that require that full-bodied blowout bridal style. This spray is ideal for forming perfect wedding day waves or just giving a little extra oomph to any bridal updo.

2. Frizz Weightless Styling Spray

Beauty, meet science. This no frizz weightless styling spray utilizes a healthy hair molecule that Living Proof has patented, OFPMA, which blocks humidity and smooths your hair at the same time—brilliant right? This product is crucial in ensuring your wedding day hairstyle stays frizz-free because who wants wedding pictures with frazzled locks, not me. The most exciting part of this spray is the fact that, while still adding a product to tame your frizzy hair, it maintains weightless and natural. So, those women out there who are worried your wedding day hair “can’t be tamed,” to quote Miley Cyrus, get ready to meet your tamer.

3. Hold Firm Hairspray

Your best shot at ensuring your wedding hairstyle lasts throughout your whole special day is this hold firm hairspray; our wedding hairstylists swear by it. The geniuses behind Living Proof formulas aimed to create a product that would give the stylist increased control over the final result but maintain flexibility in order to get that perfect wedding hairdo. This hairspray is flake-free and won’t let your wedding hair look droopy. All you brides out there can count on this product to get you through your wedding day looking fabulous from aisle to dance floor.

Now girls, these are only three of Living Proof’s products but they have tons! They have a whole line of styling products with primers and serums and different shampoo/conditioner pairs meant to add body, reduce frizz, or restore your damaged tresses for your wedding day. A quick look at their webpage gives you more insight into what products are best for the certain look you are trying to get—yes, even Jennifer’s. So, let’s give an enthusiastic standing ovation to this PhD you don’t have to go back to school for. Thanks Living Proof, hello happy brides!