Stagecoach Festival Fashion

Posted on: April 15th, 2015 by Lulu & Bass No Comments

Coachella may have furry boots and feathers but Stagecoach takes the cake when it comes to daisy dukes, cowboy boots, and American flag fashion. As the last of the three festivals (Coachella has two weekends btw), people often pay no attention to the parade of cowboys and cowgirls that take over Palm Desert. However, no one can ignore the unique fashion of the country babes and southern hunks that roam Coachella Valley at the end of April. For all you Stagecoach lovers, here are some popular hairstyles to rock this year. (Hint hint: these would also work perfectly as springtime wedding hairstyles!)

1. Braids on braids on braids

Braids can make any hairstyle look as intricate as a country line dance, but when you break it down, they’re actually really simple to do. Whether it is a long fishtail braid or a double-braided crown, it is all the same over-under pattern. More specifically, the double-braided crown would look beautiful as a boho wedding hairstyle that’s got a beachy, relaxed vibe. Braids are also a great way to beat the heat by getting the hair off your neck, which is ideal for summer wedding hairstyles as well.

2. Put flowers in your hair and wear them like you just don’t care

(And while you do that, put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don’t care…because you’re at Stagecoach!) This is a great way to “countrify” any hairstyle from braids to updos to just down and natural. This could be an alternative to flower crowns for those of you who want something less intense; by placing just one or a few individual flowers in your hair, it adds a feminine touch, which could be worn at Stagecoach or in your springtime wedding hairstyle.

3. Bandana Babes

For those of you who are dying to wear American flag bandanas, this is for you! This is the one acceptable time to try our your bandana style, so why not give it a shot? It is also a great way to hide sweaty hair (gross, sorry, but it is gunna happen…you’re in the desert) and keep your hair out of your face. Unfortunately, this is not going to be a great style for your wedding hairstyle. Please do not walk down the aisle in a bandana…

4. Volumizin’

Anything with volume is acceptable for Stagecoach, especially bouncy curls! Do not be afraid to go all-natural with your hairstyle for this festival…that’s just the country style. (Think Jessica Simpson in her music video for These Boots Are Made for Walkin’). This can definitely fit most wedding styles and be an ideal wedding hairstyle for any bride.

5. Top it off

Last but not least, no hairstyle is complete without your cowboy (or in this case cowgirl) hat! I’m a frequent Stagcoach-goer and I never leave my hats at home. They serve a dual purpose: they keep the sun out of my face while transforming me into a southern hottie. Even though I have never been to a southern wedding, Pinterest tells me that wearing cowgirl hats can be acceptable for some wedding hairstyles so proceed with caution! It you can rock it, flaunt it.

Alrighty Stagecoach cowgirls, I can’t wait to see you all there! And as for you Coachella-goers, I hope I’ve converted you. (If red, white, and blue bikinis and fun and flirty hairstyles doesn’t do it for you then maybe you’re a lost cause.) However, for all you Stagecoach-inspired brides out there, don’t be afraid to test out these wedding hairstyles for your big day! You might like it, love it, want some more of it (love you Tim McGraw!).